Tuver Lilva (Pigeon Peas)

Tuver Lilva (Pigeon Peas) is one of the most commonly used vegetables. Growing in most parts of the country, the green peas get along with a wide range of vegetables & help prepare a lot of Indian delicacies. From Phoa, to aalu matar. From Pulaao to pav-bhaji, peas are an integral part of every Indian household. Podded with care and preserved with science, Swad’s frozen Tuber Lilva packs not only excel at keeping hold of the freshness of the peas, but also proves to be the market leader in quality and taste. High on protein, fibre zinc and potassium, this versatile vegetable is a blessing not only for your taste buds, but for your entire immune system.

Tuver Lilva (Pigeon Peas) - Vimal Agro Products Pvt. Ltd. - Irresistible Taste

wide variety of Indian ready to cook vegetables in brine
which can be used after simply draining the brine water
and washing it with normal water.