Mint Chutney

From Indian salads to Indian appetizers to proper Indian veg and non veg dishes, everything at a party feels incomplete without the authentic Indian taste of Mint Chutney. This green magic potion offers a taste that is savoured and relished worldwide. A pulp of fresh mint leaves with coriander black pepper and other spices, Swad's Mint Chutney not only provides an excellent tantalizing taste but a plethora of health benefits by fixing respiratory, depression and weight issues. A spoon of this delicious Chutney will add a dash of refreshing dis our to all kinds of food, boiled, grilled or fried. If you are a foodie, this product is the original Indian friend you need with all your meals.

Mint Chutney - Vimal Agro Products Pvt. Ltd. - Irresistible Taste

sweet pickles & chuteny are not only tasty but also easy
to store and move to places if needed.